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Permission Copy

Permission Copy allows the user to copy the Access Permissions from one App-V application or application group to another.

The first time you start Permission Copy, you may be prompted for connection information for your App-V database. This will only happen if you have not used one of the other tools in the suite that requires database connection details. Enter the appropriate information.

Note: This information is encrypted and stored in the registry. The key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sinclair Community College\App-V Suite.

App-V Permission Copy connection settings.png

If the database can be contacted, you will be presented with two identical trees. These trees display the application groups and applications in your App-V database.

App-V Permission Copy main screen.png
  • In the left tree, find the application group or application that contains the access permissions that you want to copy to another application or group.
  • In the right tree, find the application group or application to which you wish to copy the access permissions from the application or group on the left.
  • Click the Copy button.

Permission Copy will display a list of the security groups that have access to the source ("left") application.

App-V Permission Copy group editor.png

You may remove security groups from this list, if you wish. You may also elect to remove the existing access permissions on the destination ("right") application by clicking the check box at the bottom of the window.
Once the list of groups is as you like it, click OK. The listed security groups will be applied to the destination ("right") application.

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